Thursday, April 3, 2014

Popular Homemade Pregnancy Tests

It is not possible for a woman to visit a specialist every time she misses her periods to check whether she is pregnant or not. Also many times women feel shy or uncomfortable in visiting a chemist to purchase a pregnancy kit. They can take a test at home only without spending money on visiting the doctor and undergoing any kind of test. To take homemade pregnancy test is easy and convenient. Once your home pregnancy test shows positive results, you can get blood test done at a doctor's clinic. The accuracy of these home tests is claimed to be 99%. The practice of testing pregnancy using natural substances has been in vogue since the ancient times. At the time when technology was scarce, homemade methods used to be the only way to test pregnancy.

How It Works?

Homemade pregnancy test detects a Pregnancy hormone called HCG, which is released by placenta shortly after a woman conceives. The release of this hormone increases after every 24 hours and it can be noticed in the circulatory system and urine once a woman becomes pregnant. Homemade tests aims to detect this hormone in the urine of the pregnant woman.

Tests to Check Pregnancy at Home

Toothpaste Pregnancy test- Toothpaste is something which is found in every home. All you need to do is mix a spoonful of toothpaste in your urine sample. If you notice froth or change in color to blue, the results are likely to be positive.

Bleach Test- Mix urine sample in a cup of bleach and if you notice some fizz or foam, you are pregnant. Make sure to try this in a proper ventilated place.

Dandelion Test- This is one of the most popular homemade pregnancy tests. Place dandelion leaves on a plastic sheet keeping them away from direct sunlight. Pour urine on these leaves making sure that they are completely soaked. The development of reddish blisters on the leaves indicates the possibility of being pregnant.

Pine Sol Homemade Pregnancy Test- Pine Sol is a powerful anti-bacterial agent which is widely used as a cleansing product. You just need to mix your urine sample with pine sol and wait for some time. Any change in color is the indication of pregnancy.

One should not completely rely only on homemade pregnancy test. It is always better either to get a pregnancy kit from a chemist or get a blood test done at the hospital.

Women still prefer homemade pregnancy test due to it's ease and convenience.

by Richa_Khandel

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms : How I Feel?

From the beginning I planned to get married is to have children soon, the reason for wanting the focus to become a housewife and stay at home. That is what I wanted from the first, the focus of attention to her husband and the development and growth of children. On the other hand, I’ve been saturated with outside activities such as working and being a career woman. Furthermore if there is a problem with the work, it can make me severe stress.

A few days after the marriage turns me coming months, it means empty or no baby. I am indeed a woman irregular menstrual cycles, often my menstrual cycle is less than 28 days. I’ve read that women are irregular menstrual cycles of pregnancy difficult because it is difficult to calculate or predict the fertile period. I thought about that too, probably because of my menstrual cycle is not smooth.

The first half had gone by means of my wedding 1 month of age , there were no signs of pregnancy , in fact I 've been menstruating for two times. Beginning of the second month of my husband and the family are busy preparing for an important event. It also caused me stress because of the many things that have to be set. This could cause me not pregnant.

First Month

Middle of the first month I have menstruation, it's been a month but usually too fast. My husband already happy and hoping that I was pregnant. I was not sure if I was pregnant, because since not married, my menstrual cycle is sometimes too fast and sometimes too late. After one week late, I've really sure if I was pregnant. However, at that time I did not know if there's an easy way to determine pregnancy apart from the late period, as in writing within There explained about the early symptoms of pregnancy and pregnancy was a way to know in a simple way without the hassle of buying a pregnancy test.

Second month

After another month, I immediately consult a doctor to inquire more about my pregnancy and what should I do during pregnancy? All I ask your doctor. Do not know why so nervous, confused, and embarrassed to know and face the reality pregnant for the first time. I've actually read a lot of references on the subject of pregnancy including the earliest pregnancy symptoms.

The doctor told me to get regular prenatal check. This doctor also has a lot of experience in dealing with mothers during pregnancy and childbirth, so I was sure to check the content of my doctor. It is true, the doctor has good service, safety and highly recommend. And if you should experience what I've experienced, you may be more likely to visit the site those websites to obtain information about earliest pregnancy symptoms that is important to your pregnancy.

However, after a check, there are no signs of pregnancy as the fetus is palpated or baby's heartbeat has been detected, certainty pregnancy test result only of his own. The word midwife already palpable fetus or baby's heartbeat could still be detected when it reaches the age of 8-10 weeks. So I was told to come back again after 2 weeks.

Third month

Entering the third pregnancy, my husband took me home and traveling. Actually I should not be the same as my parents were young pregnant , I was scared of miscarriage because too tired or exposed to any shocks that journey again if the path is broken and up and down . For more about the miscarriage you can also find on this site