Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stress and How it Affects Women to Conceive

Being a mother is thing that is dreamed of by almost women on earth. The truth is, there are two groups of women, the one that easily get pregnant and the one that need extreme effort to conceive. It is kind of ugly truth, why not all women can get pregnant easily? Stress and pregnancy, currently become the issue why some women can get pregnant easily and why some women can’t. Even though, it still needs further research, but a current research states that stress does affect women pregnancy.

This case interest many experts in reproductive sciences to do such research to figure out the culprit behind this matter. So then, to find out the answer, there is current research with 501 couples as volunteers to join typical research to measure whether certain stress level influence women fertility.

To measure the stress level, the researchers use women saliva to get the right information toward the relationship between pregnancy and stress. They do precise calculation with two biomarkers that are found in women saliva such as alpha-amylase and cortisol. So incredible, the result for the test shows that stress and pregnancy connect each other. The test that takes time about a year with twice saliva measurements indicate that, women with higher alpha-amylase and cortisol levels, the chance for them to conceive is decreased.

However, this is not the exact result. Since, there are still many questions that cannot be explained by this method. But still, this research is a good starter for many researches toward women and women reproductive issue in further time. But, for women that eagerly want to have baby then, they can apply Ivy techniques to help them to get pregnant.

Unfortunately, by using Ivy techniques it cannot guarantee that every woman that uses similar techniques will gain similar result- being pregnant. Approximately 85% women that apply similar techniques grasp the result they want, while the other are not. This kind of thing seems a little bit confusing, why not all women that apply similar techniques get pregnant? So then, Dr. Robert Anderson as the founder and the director of Institute for Reproductive Sciences give some valuable advises for women to maintain their stress level like join Yoga class, do acupuncture treatment or any activity to reduce the level of stress. Through this way, perhaps it can help women to achieve serenity which somehow can break their worry toward pregnancy.